Simple BPM Project

In previous projects in Seam I’ve made extensive use of jBPM for managing processes and workflows. One of my current web apps needed basic task management – assigning tasked based on activities in the application, reminders, listing of active tasks with status etc. A lot of this could easily be managed manually but using a BPM framework would be better and more extensible and also a selling point for the application (“we use an industry standard business process management framework to manage your tasks”).

jBPM has gone through manage changes since version 3 which is what was integrated in Seam2. Also several other products (activiti and camunda) have been forked out of it and Drools (the rules engine) has been integrated into it. jBPM now in version 6 includes some CDI beans to make using it easier but sadly its still lacking many of the easy of use features that Seam provided with its jBPM integration.

So as you’ve probably guessed only 3 posts into this blog I enjoy making easy to use and extendable frameworks/plugins. So I started SimpleBPM which will attempt to create a Business Process CDI Scope and work in a similar way to how it was done in Seam2.

I’m still in the early stages of this one and will be taking inspiration from camunda and Seam2. Expect further updates.